All of our clinics have NIOSH approved spirometry technicians and CAOHC certified occupational hearing conservationists. x
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Because your employees’s safety is a top priority, we offer all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance mandated testing in our offices and at your work sites.

Testing and services may include:

  • Audiometric testing and hearing conservation
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Biological monitoring for lead, heavy metal and other substances
  • Radiographic monitoring for asbestos, silica and other substances
  • Medical surveillance
  • Pulmonary function and respirator fit testing

Often times, these tests are performed in combination with an exam to review respiratory health and general physical health. Urinalysis, visual testing, spirometrics, chest x-rays and blood analysis may also be required.

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Welcome to Johnstown

Welcome to WorkPlace Health Johnstown!

As a full-service Occupational Medicine Clinic, we care for your employees when injuries or illnesses occur in the workplace. We offer flexible scheduling because we understand your busy, round-the-clock schedule. WorkPlace Health is committed to providing quality health care, cost-efficient services with on-going communication and accessibility.

With our Johnstown location’s Work-Related Injury Care, Case Management, Comprehensive Drug Screening, Physical Examinations, and OSHA Testing and Medical Surveillance services, you keep your costs at a minimum and productivity at a high, while ensuring your company is compliant with all regulations.

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WorkPlace Health does a great job explaining the injury, the treatment, and care plan. Their approach makes a difference in getting the person healthy and back to work quicker.

a. rand
AP Operations Manager at Walmart