All of our clinics have NIOSH approved spirometry technicians and CAOHC certified occupational hearing conservationists. x
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At WPH, we believe that patient care should be
efficient, purposeful and cost effective.

No matter what size your business is you can benefit from WorkPlace Health’s full range of occupational health services. You can choose the services you need or work directly with our team to develop an occupational health program tailored to specific company objectives.
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Rising to Our
Patients’ Needs

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Amazing Quality,
Effective Cost

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Our DOT National Registry Medical Examiners provide customer-focused services including:


Work-Related Injury Care

• Preliminary care from onset of injury

• Coordinated follow-up care

• Case management for ALL claims

Case Management with On-Going Communication

• With employers – post preliminary and follow-up visit(s)

• Confidential Electronic Medical Records Management

• Employer portal to access results

Comprehensive Drug Screening

• Pre-employment, post-accident, random pulls, viable suspicion and return-to work

• Breath alcohol testing

• Reviewed by Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)

• Drug and alcohol program management

Physical Examinations

• Pre-placement, return to work, DOT/non-DOT exams, including school bus driver exams

• Fitness for duty evaluations

WorkPlace Health offers a full range of occupational health services for companies of every size. Businesses can choose the services they need or work with our team to develop an occupational health program targeted to specific company objectives. Our DOT National Registry Medical Examiners provide customer-focused services including:

Why Choose WorkPlace Health?

WorkPlace Health (WPH) provides employers a cost-effective alternative from the ER or Urgi-care setting when seeking occupational health services.  Dedicated to occupational medicine only, WPH understands and navigates the workers’ compensation area, keeping your company and its employees at the forefront of each claim.  Also, active case management allows continuity of care for your employees, and a return-to-work mentality helps to lower your production losses.

In addition to injury care, WPH functions as full-service occ med clinic by providing pre-employment medical exams, drug testing and DOT/non-DOT physicals performed by DOT National Register medical examiners plus return-to-work exams, fitness for duty evaluations, immunizations, and numerous occupational-required testing services.

Hiring healthy, physically-capable employees is essential to your business.  By implementing these services as part of your work place wellness, you can assure that incumbent employees can perform the necessary physical demands of the job at the time of hire.

Many of our WPH clinics are near one another, providing your employees with the convenience of having all necessary services completed without lengthy travel.  Client treatment by experienced occupational health medical professionals is a cornerstone of WPH, as well as flexible scheduling with before/after work appointments and continuous communication.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of using WPH as part of your workers’ compensation program.